3' x 7' Softball Foldable Batter's Box Templates

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3' x 7' Softball Foldable Batter's Box Template




Before hitters step up to the plate, use this Foldable Batter's Box Template to create a batter's box imprint for consistent, uniform line marking. This template helps ensure that the box is aligned correctly and is positioned at the appropriate distance from home plate, giving softball and baseball players a clear idea of where to stand to avoid fouls and strikeouts when they're up to bat. Lightweight enough for easy transport, simply place the template down, step around its edges to leave an imprint and then chalk over the lines.


*Lightweight aluminum construction makes the template easy to carry out to the field

*2 in. wide frame creates a highly visible impression when stepped on for easy chalking

*Handle can be aligned with the straight side edge of home plate to help ensure consistent results every time

*Folds in half for easy storage and transport

*Available in a variety of sizes for Little League®, softball and baseball

*Simply line the handle up with the straight side edge of the plate and you will be square and the correct distance away from for proper alignment

*Step on template and leave a 2"W impression to chalk over

*Folds in half for easy transport


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