Akadema ADB 138 Precision Kip Outfielder's Glove


Akadema Precision Kip Outfielder's Glove

ADB 138

12.75" pattern, Flytrap web. closed back

The Akadema ADB-138 Precision Kip Series 12.75 inch baseball outfield glove is constructed with light and tight-grained leather for a pliable, easy-to-breakin design that maintains a high-tensile strength. This glove has a Flytrap web and a closed back with a finger slot.

Features and Benefits

  • Type of Glove: Baseball
  • Webbing: Fly-Trap Web
  • Material: Kip Leather which is a durable leather that allows for easy break-in.
  • Backing: Closed which provides you with more support, perfect for infield action.

Key Specs:

  • Model Number: ADB-138
  • Size: 12.75 inches
  • User: Adult
  • Fielding Position: Outfield