Dave Hudgen's Hitting fror Excellence 6 DVD Complete Set


Dave Hudgen's Hitting for Excellence 6 DVD Complete Set

Learn to Hit like a Pro! Former Oakland A's Hitting Coach Dave Hudgen's teaches

you tips and techniques with his Hitting For Excellence DVD Series! For players

of all levels and covers such topics such as Conquering the Curveball, Hitting

for Power, Explosive Training, Vision Training and much more.

Hitting for Excellence (Disk 1)

These concepts and drills are used by Little Leaguers and Major League MVPs,

making it the only video series available that is recommended for every skill

level. Besides learning the proper mechanics of the swing, these essential

drills will help you learn how to:
  • Maximize you Power Potential - Critical contact points and short stroke drills.
  • Hit the ball Harder - Drills to increase your hand strength.
  • Have proper hand, elbow, foot and front knee placement throughout the swing.
  • The Arch of the Swing
  • Have the proper bat angle and how it will increase hand speed through the zone.

Power Surge and Conquering the Curveball (Disk 2)

Volume 2 in The Hitting for Excellence Series combines two of Dave Hudgens'

most popular videos on one easy to follow DVD. On this DVD, you'll learn how to

maximize your power potential and how to master the curveball.

Power Surge: This DVD breaks down the fundamentals of power hitting. From core

power exercises to detailed mechanical analysis, this video teaches you

specific drills for immediate improvements in your power game. Whether your

dream is to be a line drive - high avaerage hitter or a home run hitter, this

is the training series you've been waiting for! Here are just a few of the

training insights:
  • Mechanics of the Feet
  • Hip Action and Leverage
  • Contact Zones
  • The Arch of the Swing

Conquering the Curveball: Learning how to successfully hit the curveball is one

of the most difficult tasks to master in all of sports. Also, in the DVD, Major

League hitting coach Dave Hudgens teaches you the same techniques the pros use.

This DVD is the ultimate "How to" baseball instructional video! Dave will teach

you a proven game plan that will help you react to the curveball and increase

your production at every level. You will learn:
  • A strategic game plan
  • Pitch recognition
  • Drills you need to successfully hit the curveball
  • How to keep your weight and hands back

Short Stroke Training and Overload Training (Disk 3)

This complete training program is now on DVD! In Volume 3 of Major League

Hitting Instructor Dave Hudgens' Hitting for Excellence Series, you will learn


1 thing you need to be a successful hitter - Advanced techniques in

shortening your swing. This is the video you can't live without if you have

ever trained with an aluminum bat. This DVD is filled with drills and

techniques broken down into easy-to-foloow segments. The Short Stroke Training

video shows you how to:

  • Dramatically shorten your swing
  • Increase your bat speed
  • Put you in the position to hit different types of pitches
  • Increase confidence in your abilities

The Overload Training section teaches you the drills necessary to produce a

quicker, more powerful swing. Included in this section are Dave Hudgens' proven

drills and techniques, that when practiced, will result in increased bat speed.

Here you will learn: The Front Toss Drills, The Quick Hands Side Toss Drill,

The Wrist Side Toss Drill, The Two Handed Strength Drill, The Wrist Tubing

Drill, The Overhand, Short Toss Drill, The One Handed Front Toss Drill, The

Rapid Fire Side Toss Drill, The Slow One Handed Drill, The Explosive Two Handed

Drill, The Medicine Ball Drills, The Figure Eight Drill.

Explosive Training (Disk 4)

This definitive guide to strength, conditioning, and flexibility is

specifically designed for hitters. Volume 4 of The Hitting for Excellence

Series is exactly what you have asked for over the past few years. Co-authored

by Greg Hauck - one of the most respected strength training coaches in

professional baseball - this DVD will show you how to train like the pros for

immediate improvements in your hitting. It includes The Training for Excellence

video and The Quick Hands, Quick Feet and Balance Video.

The program covers the following topics:

  • Weight programs for in/off seasons
  • Quick hands / quick feet
  • Nutrition
  • Form running
  • Medicine ball power program
  • Plyometrics and balance

If you are looking for a comprehensive training program with a proven track

record for producing strong, powerful athletes, with an emphasis on safety and

injury prevention, this is the one for you. The major benefits are:

  • Increased muscular strength
  • An edge of the competition
  • Improved performance capability
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Increased muscular endurance
  • Improved balance, flexibility and coordination

Workshop Drill Training and Vision Training (Disk 5)

Volume 5 of the Hitting for Excellence DVD Series delivers results with the

Workshop Drill Training and Vision Training Programs on the same DVD!. In the

Workshop Drill Training section, Dave Hudgens teaches you drills that will make

you an effective and knowledgeable hitting coach. These drills are successfully

practiced and taught at the Major League level and at Dave's live workshops

which are now available in easy-to-follow, short segments. Learn these time

tested and proven strategies to guarantee your success!

Also available on this DVD: Dave Hudgens teaches you genuine, absolutely

proven, vision training techniques used by the United States Air Force (for

their best fighter pilots), the Anaheim Angels, the Milwaukee Brewers, the

Texas Rangers, and the Oakland Athletics. Reflexes like a tiger, and power like

McGwire won't make you a successful player if you can't see what you are


Hitting for Excellence DVD series will teach you a one-of-a-kind fun way to

miraculously improve the way your see, recognize and react to fat moving

objects. Doctors call it improving your dynamic Visual Acuity, and it's the one

element that's missing from everyone's training programs. Tracking the ball,

recognizing your pitch and lightening fast reaction times are the keys to

success at the plate. In this easy to follow DVD, Dave Hudgens teaches you how


  • See the ball sooner so you can react faster.
  • Recognize a pitch faster so you can decide in an instant whether to swing.
  • Improve your reaction time so you can hit late in the game when fatigue is a factor, or when your mechanics are weak.
  • Unconsciously rivet your focus and attention on the ball so you are always in control.

Video Analysis and Questions and Answers (Disk 6)

Imagine being able to diagnose your own hitting mechanics! Being able to see

your individual mistakes in any hitting situation...and then knowing exactly

what drill to do to fix that problem. In Volume 6 of Dave Hudgens' Hitting for

Excellence DVD series, you'll learn how to analyze your swing like a big league

hitting coach! Dave teaches how to see and understand key elements of your

swing in slow motion and freeze frame video analysis.

The proven system is like an intensive hitting mechanics boot camp teaching you

how to analyze a swing in three different ways. Watch as a complete swing is

broken down and analyzed by Dave.

The Q&A System consists of a video giving detailed instruction of 18 specific

hitting problems.