Insider Bat

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The Insider Bat Training Practice Aid Hitting Tool




  Available Sizes

  • 06 (Ages 12 & Under)
  • 07 (Ages 12 & Up)

 The Insider Bat is a revolutionary baseball/softball muscle memory training tool that promotes proper grip, hand placement and proper swing path before, during and after contact is made. The unique design allows for only one way to make contact with the ball the CORRECT way!


The Insider Bat is manufactured with aircraft 6061 grade aluminum and stainless steel. The shaft and sweet spot are powder coat painted, finished with a high gloss clear coat. The handle is high quality injection molded polypro co-polymer with a comfortable poly-olefin coating.  Muscle memory is a term used to describe a learned movement, pattern or habit.  By performing the same movement pattern repeatedly, more effective nerve/muscle connections are made. These connections that are made repeat more effectively each time used. After developing muscle memory, the new action is automatic and will be performed without conscious thought.

If used properly, the Insider Bat will assist in creating positive muscle memory for a fundamentally correct swing.


In addition the Insider Bat

  • Emphasizes palm up/palm down hand positioning before, during and after contact with the ball
  • Gives instant feedback for batter and coach
  • Trains the hitter not to role wrists or cast before or during contact with ball
  • Promotes proper grip of bat
  • Emphasizes staying inside the ball before and during contact
  • Promotes proper hip rotation during swing
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime, indoors or outdoors
  • Forces hands in front of bat head during swing
  • Promotes tucking of back elbow into slot
  • Great for Pre-game drills or On deck reinforcement tool
  • Excellent when used as one arm drills
  • Manufactured in the USA

Designed for the beginner as well as seasoned pro. A hitter, regardless of age or ability level, does not necessarily need to know the complicated “physics” of a swing. He or she does not need to know why their hands should be palm up / palm down at contact, why they should not cast (sweep) the bat, etc. They simply need to swing the bat correctly.

Not for Hardball use - Product of the US.