Pickleball Knockdown Targets (Set of 2)

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Pickleball Knockdown Targets (Set of 2)



Product Description:


Our Pickleball Knockdown Targets are 36” tall and made to take thousands of “hits.” Each one has a water-weighted bottom that makes them pop right back up for continuous fun. A patch kit is included in case of accidental puncture. Sold as a set of 2!


The Pickleball Knockdown Targets have two compartments: 1. First fill the base with water. The base needs to be filled with water BEFORE the top is filled with air. The water adds the weight needed to keep each inflatable upright after getting knocked down. 2. Fill the top section with air. Be careful not to over-inflate and avoid striking the target with any sharp objects.


Place your Pickleball Knockdown Target in the desired position on court where it has room to be knocked down and right itself again. Aim towards the center of the target to knock it down. The target will then pop back up for your next shot!