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The only FDA-cleared device of its kind, it is worn by athletes in contact sports to protect the brain from the inside during head impacts, backed by a decade of research and clinical studies, without affecting athlete performance.

  • Able to be worn in any sport where repetitive contact occurs. Worn by professional football, lacrosse, soccer, hockey and winter sport athletes.
  • Backed by 10 years of research and over 25 laboratory and clinical studies at top research institutions that validated the Q-Collar’s safety and effectiveness.
  • In clinical trials, athletes who were not wearing the Q-Collar were three times more likely to have significant changes in their brain tissue than those who were not wearing a collar.
  • Proven to have no impact on athlete performance.
  • Unlike other equipment, like helmets, that protect the head from the outside, the Q-Collar helps protect the brain from the inside by limiting brain movement.
  • Designed to comfortably be worn with other sports equipment as an added layer of protection.
  • Manufactured in Wisconsin
  • Upgrade the look of your Q-Collar with the Q-Collar Sleeve here!


Choose Size:  Q -Collar Size  11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18


Size 11: 7025584     Size 15: 7025588
Size 12: 7025585     Size 16: 7025589
Size 13: 7025586     Size 17: 7025590
Size 14: 7025587     Size 18: 7025591


Measuring Instructions: Use a soft measuring tape to measure the middle of the wearer’s neck. Make sure the tape is snug with zero slack between the tape and neck. Measure three times and use the smallest measurement. If a soft measuring tape is unavailable, use a shoelace or string.


Upgrade the look of your Q-Collar with the Q-Collar Sleeve here!

White Sleeve S:   7025592     Black Sleeve  S: 7025596
White Sleeve M:   7025593     Black Sleeve M: 7025597
White Sleeve L:   7025594     Black Sleeve  L:  7025598
White Sleeve XL: 7025595     Black Sleeve XL: 7025599