Streamliner 354 Line Chalker

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Streamliner 354 Line Chalker



All the classic Streamliner chalk liner features you love are part of this new model. Check out our FIELD TESTS on the Video to see what has made the Streamliner performance legendary. Plus, the Streamliner 354 brings these new features:

  • We’ve moved the drive wheel from the back to the front, allowing you to simply lift the front of the chalker off the ground to stop chalk flow. This is especially handy when chalking shorter batters box lines.
  • With clear visibility all the way down the handle shaft, you can easily see your string line. Using the Streamliner 354’s line guide you’ll watch the chalk drop right from the hopper onto the baseline.
  • The bicycle-style handlebar and four sturdy no-flat tires will give you unmatched stability, letting you easily lay down straighter lines than ever before.

(Note: Streamliner 354 is not compatible with Double-Play Aerosol Attachment)


45 LBS